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About Dendi's Wooden Toys

Dendi's wonderful wooden toys, hand crafted by a master craftsman in the Hunter Valley of New South Wales. Smooth sturdy construction, non-toxic paints and finishes. Hours and hours of unplugged, old fashioned fun for a child. Past examples built to customer specifics include: bonneted and cab-over trucks with livestock trailers, tip trucks, mobile cranes, tankers and farm tractors to name a few. 

Just give us a call or email us and we can give you an immediate answer to your query. Extra charges will only be for packing plus freight or postage.

All our toys are handmade using natural woods such as maple, red oak, poplar, pine, cedar and black wood. They are designed to be simple, safe, durable, and are finished with a non-toxic mineral oil or varnish. It is our hope is that when your children or grandchildren play with these toys they will feel the love and care we put into making them. With their durability, our toys will continue to give fond memories to many generations. Thanks for visiting!



Various size trucks with different configurations. Rigid (trayback, cabover or tippers), single semi-trailer, B doubles, B triples, stock crate, log truck side tippers and car carrier.




Shipping and Handling

All Dendi's toys are normally shipped within five business days. If the ordered item is not in stock I will respond with an estimated delivery date. Custom orders often take longer due to the nature of work

Fur further information or questions please feel free to contact me on 0407 214 956



We currently accept Direct Deposit and Money Order for Cash on delivery. 


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Branxton, NSW, 2325
Mobile: 0407 214 956

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